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What AVENUES Stands For:

AVENUES is a domestic violence and sexual assault shelter and outreach program dedicated to serving individuals who have been traumatized by violence in Northeast Missouri.

All services are free, confidential, and include a 24-hour 800# hotline (1-833-AID-NEMO (or 1-833-243-NEMO), safe and secure shelter, court and medical advocacy, crisis intervention, case management, and referrals to related services.

AVENUES serves the Northeast Missouri counties of Adair, Clark, Knox, Lewis, Marion, Monroe, Pike, Ralls, Schuyler, Scotland, and Shelby.

All services to victims shall be implemented so that the safety, needs, and desires of the victim are always the top priority.

Being a victim of domestic and/or sexual violence is...NEVER THE VICTIMS FAULT.

  • Strives to improve the physical and emotional and welfare of individuals and their children in Northeast Missouri.
  • Is a social change organization that focuses on domestic and sexual violence.
  • Provides crisis intervention and support to the needs of individual survivors and significant others.
  • Strives to eliminate domestic and sexual violence by addressing the roots of violence which include issues of inequality and oppression between genders, races, and socioeconomic groups.

Find Help

AVENUES strives to improve the physical and emotional and welfare of individuals and their children in Northeast Missouri.

Make a Donation

You can make a significant difference in the lives of those who most need it. Your financial contribution will help us provide shelter, safety and resources for those who seek our services.


Please call our 573-406-1400, or use our contact form to find out more regarding our volunteering opportunities.

We're Here to Help

AVENUES services are free, confidential, and non judgmental.

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